.about the Three.

I did not set out to make a religion based on three gods. It just sort of happened.

The Morrigan was first, showing up in the middle of a trance journey and hooking corvid claws into my shoulders back in 2007.

Brighid actually showed up about a month after the Morrigan, but I begged her to come back later because I was Not Ready. She did, with a vengeance, in 2009/2010.

Manannan Mac Lir's entrance was much more gentle, but no less insistent. He showed up a few months after Brighid refused to take no for an answer, and made it clear he wanted to adopt me.

They've made it clear they want me to build something around the three of them. I've been working at it for 10 years now. Maybe someday it will be more coherent than my rambling and noodling at my blog.

.about the Temple.

One night in May, 2020, I discovered Neocities, and was struck with nostalgia for the days of internet past and my many Geocities sites.

Shortly thereafter, I'd created my own personal site on it. Shortly after that, I had a burning fire in my head to create a Temple for the Three.

They do this sometimes. I call it imbas. Or irritating, depending on how salty I am at the moment.

However, this was the first time that all three of them said in unison DO THIS FOR US.

So it could not be ignored.

.about Morag.

Main bio here.

About me as pertains to this temple: I am not the arbiter of things Brighid / Morrigan / Manannan. My experiences of them are full of UPG and peppered with lore, and not meant to be taken as Scripture.

While I am the Hierophant of this temple, I am not the Hierophant of these gods. Your experiences may and likely will vary.

I am hopeful that even if your experiences are very different, that this temple will still be a place you can come and commune with them. I am hopeful that this temple offers something good to other polytheists or followers of these three gods I love so much.

I do not know what they want out of this endeavor, because I cannot know what they want. But I think that may be part of it -- wanting a place for people to come, even if it is built out of shoddily-written HTML and CSS. (I am so rusty.) So to that end, I am also hopeful that this honors them.