.about tipping.

Any tips sent to this site will go towards expenses of its upkeep and my general life expenses (aka, upkeep of the person running the temple).

I do not run this site to make money. I run it because the Three asked me to create it and I just kind of do what they tell me to do.

If you do want to help support this site and by extension, me, I really appreciate it.

(Alternatively, you can hit the "Donate" button on this page, and send a tip via my Ko-Fi page.)

.where tips will go.

In the interest of full disclosure: if you do choose to send a tip my way either through Neocities' tipping mechanism or through other means, let me tell you where that money will go.

First things: it goes into my Paypal account. The way I approach that is to let it sit there until I have enough to justify withdrawing into my bank account or an emergent need. As I use my Paypal to pay for other things, often it just works out that I use whatever money comes in to my account to go out to other things to support. So here are the things I currently pay out with my Paypal.


.other ways to give to the gods.

My original idea was to have a page on my other Neocities site outlining charities that I felt were god-related. Most don't actually say "Give to us to support Brighid!" but Heifer International, for example, would be a perfect choice for her.

I am in the process of putting together a basic list of links (though such a thing will always be a work-in-progress), and now that I've created this virtual temple, the list will go on this site. I will link to it on this page when it is operational.