Cavern of the Mother Tree

You enter the Temple. Before you is a tree so large it cannot possibly fit within the atrium, but it does. It is impossibly old yet has the energy of a young sapling. The roots go deep into the earth, and the branches stretch towards the stars.

You approach the tree reverently, and reach out to touch its bark. Where would you like to go?


To the left of the tree you see a doorway leading to a forest. The scents of loam and pine reach your nose. The forest teems with life...and more dangerous things.

Will you meet with the Sovereign of the Blooded Land?


From behind the tree you can hear the crash of ocean waves, and smell the scent of brine. In the power of the ocean is the end of all things, and the beginning of love.

Do you wish to pay heed to the Lord of Storms?


Above, you feel a pull from the swirling fires at the center of our solar system. A hammer beats at an anvil; new stars are forged in the center of creation. The fires of inspiration warm your skin.

Will you listen to the Smith, the Creatrix of all?